Boxer Slaps His Opponent’s Girlfriend On The Butt During Press Conference, Lucky He Doesn’t Get Murdered

This guy must have a death wish.

Two boxers who both have pretty shitty history with women — Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga — had their final press conference the other night for their upcoming PPV showdown, which I don’t think many people care too much about… until now.

At the press conference, Mayorga saw an opportunity to slap Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend on the butt and took it. Shane immediately tries to choke him but the two are separated:

Afterwards, Mosley’s girlfriend demanded that Mosley kill Mayorga, and she even said she’d give Mayorga $10,000 to let her punch him in the face. Mayorga responded by saying he’d give her $25,000 to slap her butt again. Just pure classiness all round basically.

Is this actually just a publicity stunt though? The video does look kind of suspect; something not quite “real” about how it all goes down. Not to mention these two are way past their prime and I’m sure no one even knew this fight was coming up until this happened. Jury’s out I guess.

If it is real though, definitely more outrageous than literally stealing your opponent’s world title belt during a press conference.


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