Who Was On The Roof At The Boston Marathon Bombing?

Boston Marathon Man On Roof Featured

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, a mysterious picture of a man on the roof of a nearby building has gone viral, but who is he?

Boston Marathon Man On Roof Featured

Everyone is still in shock at the Boston Marathon bombings and as more and more details arise things are getting more and more messed up. I’m not sure if you saw this intense video of the actual explosion or these NSFW pictures that the media are refusing to show, but if not maybe check those out for a fuller picture of what happened. This photograph is slightly more mysterious than that though and some people are saying it’s just as scary as the NSFW pictures. I don’t agree with that but it’s certainly kinda spooky. Thanks to Rowan Boot and Jack Eliot Weston for bringing this photo to our attention BTW.

Basically this photograph was taken by some dude called Dan Lampariello just as the bomb went off. Or maybe it’s just a still of a video camera, not exactly sure on that one. But yeah, in the picture you can clearly see a guy on the roof next to the building that one of the bombs went off in and he doesn’t look like he’s reacting or anything to the bomb. He just looks like he’s hanging out. There’s definitely something up with that.

Further more, why the hell would he be on the roof of that building anyway? I mean who the hell goes up on a roof on their own? The only time anyone really ever goes up on a roof is to party with their friends or maybe smoke a cigarette or have a BBQ, and none of those activities are solo activities.

So yeah, you’ve gotta agree it’s fairly suspicious that this dude was up there on the roof at the exact moment the bomb’s went off. And also that he’s just walking around like a badass and doesn’t seem to give a toss that the street below him is exploding, like he’s some kind of action hero or something. It seems pretty unlikely anyone will be able to track him down though, I guess you never know though.

In stuff like 24 and Fight Club and Die Hard With A Vengeance the bad guy hangs out on roofs a lot watching his bombs go off, but I think he’s normally with an entourage (or with Marla) and not just on his own hanging out waiting for the bombs to explode. Maybe this is a new kind of terrorist though, who knows? Or maybe they don’t even do that in real life, it’s just something they put into TV shows and movies to make it more dramatic. I don’t know but that’s probably it.

Right now nobody has any clue who this guy is but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of speculation on Twitter obviously, none of which is useful at all. I was going to post some of it but I don’t think it’s that cool to make fun of something like this so I’ll just leave you with the picture. I also thought it might be funny to do a fake lineup of who the man on the roof could be, but I couldn’t really be bothered and I also realised it probably wasn’t that funny either.

If you’ve got any leads let the FBI know.

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Boston Marathon Man On Roof


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