Boss Who Sacked Entire Workforce To Pursue Dream Of ‘Not Working With Them’ Even Fired His Daughter

Sydney Nadine Hardy


Earlier this week we reported on a man named Sydney Hardy – the former managing director at Nippy Bus, which operates services in South Somerset. He decided to fire his entire workforce (including himself) with the following brutal memo, as a way to pursue his dream of not having to work with them:

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Brutal – talk about telling it like it is. I mean we’ve all had moments when we’ve dreamed of sacking off the day job and running away to a tropical island, but no one ever goes through with it. And even the small pool of people who do aren’t ruthless enough to fire everyone else while they’re at it.

And if that weren’t savage enough, it has emerged today that Sydney, 57, took this one step further by including his daughter in the mass firing.

Nadine Hardy

Yes, Nadine, 21, is also now left out of work thanks to her impulsive dad, leaving her and around 16 other drivers worrying about how to pay their bills. I guess sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water.

One of the former employees Dave English, 64, accuses Sydney of ignoring his responsibilities at the company and instead wasting his time on oversea jaunts: 

It seems she’s been caught by surprise here, just like the rest of us.

You can’t just bury your head the way he has done and not confront the problems.

He was always going off to Thailand on holidays. He was never around. He let other people do his job for him. He would go off to France to watch cycling races like the Tour de France each year.

Seems like this Sydney guy is just out for himself and that has been confirmed by the way he’s acted with his workforce. He tried to blame other people and claim they’re impossible to work with, but it’s pretty obvious who is the common denominator here. Plus anyone who fires their own daughter is a grade A douchebag.

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