Boss Sacks Entire Workforce To Pursue Dream Of ‘Not Working With Them’

Sydney Hardy

Dreams can come true.

I’m sure that everyone can agree that there are times when you just don’t want to work with your colleagues and would do just about anything to ensure that they were all fired and you never had to see any of them ever again.

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Unfortunately, most of us can’t actually do that no matter how much we would like to, but one guy actually lost the plot over the weekend and decided to do exactly that, leaving a particularly memorable speech in the process as well. Sydney Hardy is the managing director at Nippy Bus, which operated services in South Somerset, and he decided to send the following memo around to all of his employees over the weekend:

The End

Ouch – talk about telling it like it is. Hardy himself wasn’t available for comment but one driver named Steve Atkins said that he was, “very angry that it had been done that way.” Yeah, I bet.

I’m not exactly sure what pushed Hardy to make this decision and I’m kind of caught between whether it’s a genius move or a completely dick one, although I’m kinda leaning towards the latter if he’s let a load of people down and affected their livelihoods without giving them any notice to find any alternative form of employment or transport. I’ve gotta admire him though for saying it was complete bullshit and just packing it in though – fair play to the guy.

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