Boris Johnson’s Brother Jo Has Just Quit As Tory MP And Minister Because Of Boris

Never work with family.

Despite his hopes to the contrary and promises to deliver Brexit by October 31st, Boris Johnson’s reign as Prime Minister couldn’t really have got off to a worse start with some arguing that it’s the worst in the history of the position as he failed to win any of his first three votes and completely obliterated his majority.

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Surprisingly, things have continued to get worse today as even his own brother seems to have turned against him and his plans for the country. Jo Johnson is business minister and Tory MP for Orpington, Kent, but feels he can no longer continue in either role as he’s torn between family tension and the national interest.

He tweeted his resignation as you can see:

Damn that’s salty isn’t it and pretty much massively implying that Boris isn’t acting in the national interest at all. Should be pretty fun sitting around their family dinner table this Christmas. Would be a great reality TV show, although I guess that’s kinda what we’re getting with Brexit at the moment isn’t it?

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