Boris Johnson Wants To Resign In Spring Because His £150,000 Salary Is Too Low

Tough life.

Even the most severe critic of Boris Johnson would say that his first year as official Prime Minister has been particularly tough due to the Coronavirus pandemic and attempting to sort out the Brexit withdrawal agreement – although he did run his election campaign saying that this deal was ready to go – but it turns out that neither of these factors are what may cause him to quit Downing Street sooner than expected.

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Instead, senior Tory MPs are claiming that Boris wants to resign from his position because his £150,000 salary is too low and he’s finding it difficult to live under such conditions. Apparently, shortly before he became Prime Minister he earned £23,000 a month for his column in The Telegraph and hundreds of thousands more for speeches and public appearances. Don’t even know why he would want to be Prime Minister when he had such a cushy life beforehand, but I suppose some people are just born great and have that desire to achieve don’t they?

Anyway, this is what a senior Tory MP said about the situation:

Boris has at least six children, some young enough to need financial help.

And he had to pay ex-wife Marina Wheeler a shedload as part of their divorce deal.

He’s worried about sending his youngest son to Eton as it costs £42,500 a year.

He’s a typical adulterer too – he is way more interested in the chase than the prize (of becoming PM).

Geez. Talk about first world problems hey? Must be a tough life up there.

On top of this, other sources are also saying that Boris is jealous of David Cameron, Theresa May and Tony Blair who all make an absolute ton of money from giving speeches and appearances on the after dinner circuit. Apparently, May made £1 million last year, Cameron gets £120,000 per speech and Blair has amassed a fortune of £22 million since leaving office.

Imagine having so much money and subsequently being jealous of the woman you forced out of office making more money than you in her new job.  Beggars belief but does anything about these guys really surprise you any more?

Good news is that Boris wants to give it at least six months more in office to guide us through the worst of the pandemic and Brexit. Thank heavens for that because he really is doing a killer job.

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