Apparently You’ll Die After Watching This Weird AF Viral Video

Viral Video

You can watch it first and let us know…

Just what exactly is happening here? I mean literally, what the fuck is happening here? What your about to watch is like that video from the ring. You watch it, then you die. I’m with you, obviously that’s complete bollocks. But if you’re keen on giving yourself a nice healthy injection of prang, read on.

Right, so a DVD containing satanic imagery allegedly arrived at a Sweden-based tech blog, and the cryptic warnings hidden within the video are driving the Internet mad. The footage shows a human figure dressed in a plague-era doctor’s outfit, complete with the iconic bird-like mask and black shroud.

Check out the troubling video right here:

The video is eerily grainy and glitchy, the events in the video appear to be random and that makes us feel even more uneasy as there’s no narrative to make sense of it all. The figure raises their hand several times and reveals a blinking light embedded in the palm of their right hand. WTF does that mean? Am I going to die now? Maybe those e-mails were true; maybe I should have sent that email onto 10 people like I was asked to and now I’m getting what I deserve.


The bizarre screeching audio in the video is more than just white noise. The soundtrack was revealed to contain images hidden using a spectrogram. The images include text phrases such as “You are already dead,” as well as distorted images that appear to show a person, possibly a woman, being tortured or tied up.


The audio that accompanies the DVD main menu also reveals a hidden image, that makes you want to off yourself (figuratively that is):


There are several hidden messages within the video clip as well, including one-frame flashes of a Morse code string and coded coordinates. Reddit users have been hard at work decoding these clues and have discovered that the Morse code translates to the phrase “RED LIPSLIKE TENTH”. The coordinate puzzle results in “38.897709, -77.036543” which happens to be the location of the White House. WTF is gonna happen to our man Barack???

The video’s title and description is coded in binary and translates into Spanish. The title reads “Muerte,” which means “Death,” and the description reads “Te queda 1 año menos”, which means “You have one year left, or less.”

Guy’s over there on Reddit have been trying desperately to make sense of it and track down the source. Everyone’s wondering what its all about. It might be an art piece or a creepy puzzle set up by someone hoping to create something viral. Either way, it’s kinda worked.

Some are saying it could be the start of a viral marketing campaign for the film Inferno, or possibly the TV show 12 Monkeys. Both of these feature plague like story lines. In Inferno, a death-obsessed genius sends a video – while wearing a similar outfit – preaching the benefits of creating a new plague to reduce the human population. In 12 monkeys, the series follows a time traveller who has come back in time to stop a deadly plague from destroying humanity.

All I know is, that video is all kinds of NOPE when you’re on a Sunday comedown. If you want some more creepy shit, check these photos — nightmares guaranteed.


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