It’s Official — The British National Party No Longer Exists

See ya.

Been wondering why things have been quiet on the BNP’s end recently? OK it’s not like anyone was really listening to them in the first place, but there’s some good news to report all the same.

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According to the UK Electoral Commission, the BNP no longer exists:

Turns out the prats failed to pay the £25 sum required to stay registered by July 7th 2015, and thus are no longer recognised as a political party.

A statement read:

The BNP’s statement of accounts were due on 7 July 2015.

Their annual confirmation of registered details was therefore due on or before 7 January 2016.

The Electoral Commission did not receive the notification by this date and is required by law to remove the BNP from its register of political parties in Great Britain.

The party was all but wiped out in May’s general election, picking up just 1,667 votes compared to more than half a million the year before. Who knows – they might cough up the £25 and re-register again but I wouldn’t say there was much point.

Great news anyway – just as satisfying as hearing that UKIP supporter get torn apart on live radio.


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