The Blood Vessels In A Boy’s Eyes Burst After He Attempted The Deadly ‘Roundabout Challenge’



It seems like every other month we get one of the dumbest internet challenges that goes viral and ends up seriously injuring someone or killing them, and the latest one of these is the ’roundabout challenge’.

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Get ready for this one because it really is the height of stupidity. It involves kids getting a motorbike and using the back wheel to spin playground equipment at high speeds whilst other kids use them. So for instance, you get a roundabout and some kid lies with his back on it and it spins around as fast as possible, so fast that the blood vessels in your eyes explode due to the G Force that you’re experiencing.

That might sound completely ridiculous but that actually happened to an 11 year old boy called Tyler Broome and his eyes are permanently screwed now. His mother Dawn Hollingworth said the following:

Tyler was immediately sick and collapsed.

Normally this kind of negative G force injury is only seen in fighter pilots.

It really hit home to Tyler over Christmas – it was then that he realised that he was nearly killed.

Tyler has still not seen the video, he simply refuses to watch it whenever it is mentioned.

Our concern now is how he recovers from the incident mentally, but we won’t see how much it will affect him until he gets older.

The only thing you can do as a parent is just take it in your stride and hope this doesn’t affect his adult life.

I cannot believe that incidents like this are still happening.

When I shared photos that showed the extent of my son’s injuries, I thought that would stop children from ever doing this again.


Apparently not Dawn. Again it seems stupid – and highly dangerous – that anyone in their right mind would wanna do something like this, but then again I suppose kids always feel like they’re invincible and can do anything so it’s not that surprising. Probably more surprising that they can get this screwed up over it because normally only fighter pilots get that kind of injury. That’s crazy.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and you’re some little kid contemplating doing this, then just don’t. Nobody wants the blood vessels in their eyes to burst, trust me.

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