Blink 182 Have Collaborated With The Chainsmokers On A New Song

Blink 182 Chainsmokers

Blink 182 have been ‘riding a new wave of creativity’ since Tom DeLonge left the band and Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba joined and it seems like they’re rocking that to the next level on their new record after it was announced that they were collaborating with The Chainsmokers of all people.

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The news was broken by The Chainsmokers themselves via their official Twitter account, saying the following. Mark Hoppus later elaborated on this in another tweet to a fan, who sounded as if he wasn’t very happy that his favourite pop punk band was collaborating with an EDM act:

Well, what to make of this then? I mean considering that every Blink 182 song now is just rhyming couplets anyway – producer John Feldman said that they used nursery rhymes as an inspiration on the last record – and that’s pretty much all The Chainsmokers do in all their songs, I don’t really expect this to sound that much different to a Blink 182 song. It’ll just have some weird noises on it as too akin to their self titled record where they went a bit ‘experimental’.

Preparing to be underwhelmed, but it’s not like anyone is that stoked about hearing new Blink 182 songs these days is it? Just play the songs off Enema Of The State dammit.

For more of the same, check them out playing live on Jimmy Kimmel recently. Awful.


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