Blind Hoarder Discovers Dead Body Of Son Who Had Gone Missing 20 Years Ago


Hidden amongst the junk.

An elderly blind woman, who also happened to be a hoarder, had always wondered what happened to her son after he went missing over 20 years ago.

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Turns out, he had been lying dead upstairs the whole time. The son had died 20 years previous, but because there were so many bad smells from all the junk in her house, the woman didn’t even notice. So gross.

The horrific discovery was made earlier this month in New York, when a relative visited Rita Wolfensohn’s home. Rita was in hospital and needed some jobs done around the house, so her sister in law Josette Buchman offered a helping hand.


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As she was cleaning up around the house, she found the completely intact skeleton, still dressed in jeans, socks and a shirt. Although she was probably prepared for some gruesome sights, I doubt she was expecting a dead relative on her hands.

After police were called to the scene of the crime and an investigation was launched, it turns out Rita really did have no idea that her son had died and she was living with his corpse. That really is so fucked up. It might even beat the grossest room in history.


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