Blake Lively Takes On A Giant Shark In The Terrifying Trailer For ‘The Shallows’

Blake Lively The Shallows

Best shark movie since ‘Jaws’?

The people vs. shark genre is one that has worryingly few entries aside from the ‘Jaws’ movies and the Sharknado series, but it looks like we’ve got a refreshing take on the narrative with Blake Lively’s ‘The Shallows’.

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In the movie, Blake is surfing in some unknown paradise when suddenly a shark munches on her leg and she finds herself stranded on a rock in the middle of the sea with the predator circling her and no way out. Oh shit.

She isn’t going down without a fight though, as you can see from the trailer below:

Oof. Definitely not a situation I would ever want to find myself in, but it looks like Blake makes a fairly good effort at trying to get out of it. Not sure if she’s gonna make it though – that shark looks like a right motherfucker doesn’t it?

Anyway, I think it comes out on August 12th so I guess we’ll have to wait a few months to find out. Good luck though girl waiting around on that rock until then.

She should probably be even more scared than she looks about the situation though, considering sharks can now jump 12 feet out of the water to get you.


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