There’s Going To Be A ‘Blair Witch’ Style Movie About The Killer Clown Epidemic

Behind The Sightings

Watch the trailer here.

You may have forgotten, but it was only a year ago that a bunch of killer clown sightings went down all across America and Europe, where people thought it would be funny to dress up as clowns and slowly mope around their cities, scaring the shit out of people.

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These sightings dropped off almost as quickly as they began, but in retrospect they’re literally the best premise for a ‘Blair Witch’ style horror movie in recent memory. Unfortunately though, I didn’t come up with that idea and somebody else did, and it now forms the basis for the new movie ‘Behind The Sightings’.

There’s a teaser trailer below:

Well, that wasn’t giving much away except for the fact that it follows the classic ‘Blair Witch’ template of some cocky film students thinking that they’re the absolute dog’s bollocks but soon becoming unstuck when they step into the protagonist’s lair. Can’t wait to see this killer clown cut them up to be honest – they seem like complete and utter dickheads from the trailer and let’s be honest, that’s what always happens in these kinds of movies isn’t it?

For the truth about killer clowns, check out some of the stuff we posted about it last year. Genuinely spooky.


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