There’s A Killer Clown Epidemic In America And Everyone’s Fucking Terrified



In the run up to Halloween, over in America there have been a number of sightings of guys dressing up as clowns and scaring the shit out of people, and the trend has continued with this video which is the freakiest one yet.

In the footage, two guys are running at 7:30am when they encounter a guy in a clown suit walking over a suspension bridge. You might think it’s weird that they’re filming that BUT they do mention that they saw him already and went back to check it out with their camera on in case anything freaky happened, so they’ve got you there.

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Here’s what one of the runners Chase Prior said about it and the video itself:

Well, this morning I had a rather traumatising experience.

I woke up early to go running with Patrick Williams and we parked by the YMCA to hit the bike path leading toward 21st Street and eventually out toward Evans.

Ironically, my friend Zane and I had just been discussing supposed sightings of clowns around the 21st Street/16 intersection. We had no idea this would happen when we started our run.

The video is NSFW due to my language, which I apologise for, but I was more than a little shook up.

Keep an eye out for this guy or someone like him around the area because this was absolutely terrifying, joke or not. We didn’t stick around to find out.

Hmmm. That’s pretty scary when the clown starts chasing after them at the end, but I can’t really decide if it’s fake or not because they don’t sound that freaked out about it all. They aren’t screaming or anything, they just seem more surprised. I suppose it is kinda natural how they speak but something about it all just doesn’t seem to add up for me.

Still, even if it is fake, I doubt all of the sightings that have been reported can be, right? People need to stop doing this because it’s freaking everyone in the world out, not just the people from your small town, which is bad enough in the first place.

Don’t believe me? Read some of these stories. People are messed up.


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