Blah Airlines Shows The Worst Of Air Travel In Elaborate 6 Hour Video

Blah Airlins

It’s all a massive smear campaign by Virgin America to point out the blandness of their competitors.

Airlines are doing anything they can to get ahead of their competitors – Malaysian Airlines famously changing their name to get an advantages after their recent high profile troubles – but this new marketing campaign from Virgin really goes above and beyond the call of duty to make this ridiculous video highlighting how lame all other airlines are in comparison.

It’s a six hour video that depicts how boring it can be on other airlines but it’s apparently completely and utterly bizarre in some points (I don’t know I haven’t watched it) with completely weird small talk conversations and one moment where a flying dummy appears outside the window. It’s apparently like a cross between The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks.

The campaign doesn’t begin and end with this video though – there’s also significant social media support with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts appearing offering several really crap offers a la most airlines and also responding to customer’s queries like most airlines i.e. really really badly. Check out a couple of examples below:

So there you have it. Genius marketing campaign – certainly better than Malaysia Airlines’ bucket list effort – or a waste of six hours of your life? Apparently some people have watched it all, as demonstrated in the exchange below:

Blah Airlines


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