Charlie Brooker Had To Cut This Scene From ‘San Junipero’ Because It Was Too Messed Up

Black Mirror

Apparently there is a line.

‘Black Mirror’ is well known for being a television show that is regularly willing and able to cross the line – and cross it so far that it’s merely a dot on the horizon. However, it turns out that there are some places that even ‘Black Mirror’ won’t go. This is going to have spoilers if you still haven’t watched it btw.

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San Junipero was the most talked about episode in the last series, possibly because it was set in California, but probably more likely because it actually had a happy ending for once. You don’t see that very often on ‘Black Mirror’, right?

Anyway, even though it had a happy ending with the two women deciding to spend the rest of their afterlives together, it turns out that there was actually a scene in it that Charlie Brooker deemed was way too dark, even for ‘Black Mirror’, so he had to cut it. Here’s what he had to say:


In ‘San Junipero,’ there was going to be a sequence in which Gugu’s character is spending some time in a kindergarten, and you realise subsequently that those were all deceased children she was spending time with. We realised that’d just be too sad.

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Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily the worst thing that ‘Black Mirror’ could have done. I suppose when you think about it, a room full of dead babies is pretty upsetting, but this is also the show that manipulated a prime minister into having sex with a pig and enslaved people into a life of violent pornography if they lost a rigged singing competition. Are either of those things really better than a room full of dead kids? I’m not sure.

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