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Everyone has been going wild about the latest series of ‘Black Mirror’ which just dropped on Netflix and with good reason – it’s some of the most brilliantly twisted television that we’ve ever seen.

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Given the anthological nature of the show, it might be easy to assume that each episode took place in a completely different time zone/universe/reality, but it turns out that Charlie Brooker and the team have thrown in enough hidden Easter Eggs to imply that they’re all happening in the same version of reality. Here are a few of the most obvious ones we’ve noticed, although I’m sure that there are more out there:

References To Prime Minister Michael Callow

Prime Minister Michael Callow was the protagonist in one of the most famous episodes of the show ‘The National Anthem’, in which he is forced to have live sexual intercourse with a pig in order to save Princess Susannah from a kidnapper.

In the later episode ‘Shut Up And Dance’, one of the disgraced journalists is looking at a news website where if you look closely you can see a reference to the disintegration of Callow’s marriage, probably due to his antics with the pig:


Gotta feel sorry for the guy – he was only doing what he had to do to save a life.

It turns out that Callow’s been playing up on his image as a pigfucker too though (maybe give it a try Dave?) as he’s also posting the following tweets which can be seen on Lacie’s feed in the episode ‘Nosedive’:


In case you can’t read that it says ‘Just got thrown out of the zoo. Again!’

Lol, that’s probably a joke, but maybe it turned out that he actually liked hooking up with pigs after all? Once you go pink, you never go back.

The Tillsdale Fire Enquiry

There have been two references to this event in two different episodes of the series when news reports have been featured – it comes up on the news ticker going across the bottom of the screen in both ‘The National Anthem’ and ‘The Waldo Moment’:



Not sure what the Tillsdale Fire actually is though – maybe we’ll see it on a future episode or something?

References To 15 Million Merits

15 Million Merits is of course the game show featured in the episode ’15 million merits’ where Jessica Brown Findlay entered a talent contest in order to escape the dystopian future ruled by advertisements that she was inhabiting, ultimately winning a career as a porn actress.

The TV show is referenced on the same news website that talked about Prime Minister Callow earlier, and we can also see Findlay’s image on a billboard in the episode ‘The Waldo Moment’, if you look really closely:



In the same newspaper again, there’s also a reference to the trial of Victoria Skillane – she is of course the woman who is constantly tormented in ‘White Bear’:


As if this isn’t enough to convince you of the episodes’ existence in their own interconnected reality, the television news channel UKN is featured in every single episode as well. And several episodes all feature the main song used by Jessica Brown Findlay in 15 Million Merits – ‘Anyone who knows what love is’ by Irma Thomas. There are probably a whole bunch of other hidden references too that we haven’t spotted, but I think this is probably enough evidence for now – if you managed to catch anything else though let us know in the comments.

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