This Might Be The Best Music Video You’ve Seen For A Long Time



Life has been quite rough on the humble music video in the last decade or so. What with the continued demise of MTV (not that they’ve played much music on there since about 1997 anyway) and the rise of online streaming, coughing up a significant budget for an accompanying vid to rock the socks off Top Of The Pops is less of an attractive prospect for your average music label these days, unless you’re Katy Perry, or the next bod off the no-mark ‘white guy(s) with acoustic guitar/banjo’ factory line.

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Given that, it’s always nice when an outstanding creative effort appears seemingly almost out of the blue. The video for Biting Elbows’ Bad Motherfucker is one such effort, and certainly ranks up there with the best we’ve seen, so all the hats go off to creators Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev. The track itself is passable too; kind of a gritty, disaffected, punky vibe with suitably distorted vocals, if that sort of thing humps your rump.

The just-shy-of-five-minute video is shot entirely from a first person perspective, and chronicles one plucky guy’s attempted escape from a building with some bad people on his trail. We’re not going to say too much about it beyond that for fear or ruining the ‘experience’, but it involves the following:

  • – Resovoir Dogs/Matrix agent style dudes in suits
  • – Shootouts
  • – An execution
  • – Parkour
  • – Falling through buildings
  • – Tits*
  • – A rabid dog
  • – A car chase
  • – Fighter jets
  • – About 20-25 deaths of said suited dudes
  • – Hand to hand combat
  • – Teleportation
  • – A baby

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As you might expect, it’s decidedly NSFW, so wait until you get home or for your boss to go for a high powered meeting/ciggy. Shout out to George Whitehead for originally pointing this out to us too. Check it out here:

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*covered, so more cleavage really. Calm down chaps.



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