Larry David Is Carlos Bianchi


I’m convinced that these two are actually the same person and you will be too after you’ve watched this video.

Wow. Again I have to give mad props to Luke Geoghegan for pointing this clip out to me, in what he said was his favourite video of the year. I can definitely see why he would give that honour to this clip because it is essentially one of the most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen. Yeah – it’s that funny.

I wasn’t sure who Carlos Bianchi was until I saw this but I looked him up and it turns out he’s some famous Argentinian footballer who is now a manager and is one of the most successful Argentinian managers of all time. He’s managed Velez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors and he’s the only manager in history to have won the Copa Libertadores four times. That’s the South American equivalent of the Champions League in case you didn’t know. So basically he’s a complete and utter sickhead at football management, which pretty much just makes him a complete and utter sickhead in general.

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It seems that his best skill though might be that he’s the complete and utter spitting image of Larry David, and none so more in this clip. If you don’t know who Larry David is then you should probably stop watching shit sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls and watch some stuff that’s actually funny like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld. You should probably get a humour transplant too.

But yeah, even though Carlos Bianchi looks exactly like Larry David, his mannerisms and technique are also almost 100% the same. This fooled me so much that I actually thought that someone had just edited the footage and somehow photoshopped a gif of Larry David into this clip instead of the actual guy. It seriously looks so much like him and he acts exactly like him too, it’s completely uncanny.

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Basically in the video Carlos Bianchi is being introduced to the Boca fans for the first time at their stadium, which for some reason means that he has to come out of some hatch in the ground. This is kind of weird but also kind of cool, and it works perfectly for whoever made this video because as soon as you see him emerge they play the Curb Your Enthusiasm music and it’s just perfect. Seriously, you’ll actually think it’s Larry David the first time you see this, especially the way he walks and gets ready to make the speech. Some guy in the comments says he now watches it three times a day and I think I might be the same after today because it’s seriously that funny.

Check it out below:

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