Birdman Gives The Most Awkward Interview Ever, Threatens Interviewers And Walks Out

Birdman just got owned on radio and he couldn’t handle it.

Remember Lil Wayne’s mate Birdman? He had one or two (maybe just one) decent tracks back in the day, but what he lacked in actual rap skills he made up for in being a terrifying human being who you couldn’t imagine anyone would cross.

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Fast forward to 2016 and these interviewers don’t seem to be very scared of him which kind of ruins the illusion that he’s a badass rap mogul who will murder you for looking at him the wrong way.

Here’s what happened when he stopped by The Breakfast Club for an interview:

Somehow I don’t think that went the way he imagined it in his head. That one interviewer completely bodybagged him with his comebacks, especially the line about him starting on a radio presenter but not other rappers who have dissed him. Suddenly those face tattoos don’t seem so scary.

Naturally, Twitter had some fun with it:

Not a lick on the awkwardness of this Farrah Abraham interview though. Cringe city.


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