‘Gross’ Billboard Tweet Sexualising Kanye West’s Daughter Causes Huge Online Backlash

This is absolutely SAVAGE from Billboard (but also completely accidental).

Music business publication Billboard cocked up massively earlier when they sent out a Tweet about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s 2-year-old daughter North West.

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They Tweeted out a photo of Kim with her daughter, alongside a pretty ill-thought out caption:


Whoops. The text was meant to refer to a clip of North West shutting down the paparazzi yesterday, but obviously other conclusions were drawn.

Here’s the outrage that followed:

Billboard deleted the Tweet and uploaded it alongside another caption:

That’s better. At the end of the day though this was an honest mistake, as the Tweet was referring to something else entirely. Just goes to show how people equate Kim Kardashian with giving blowjobs and generally being a super skank that everyone straight away assumed Billboard was cracking a dodgy joke about North West. Brutal.

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