People Are Outraged With TV Host Bill Maher For Making This Terrorist Joke About Zayn Malik

Does this joke promote Islamophobia?

Zayn Malik terrorised the hearts of little girls everywhere when he savagely quit One Direction the other week, but a huge amount of people (as well as bat shit crazy One Directioners) reckon Bill Maher went too far with this joke comparing him to terrorist 2 from the Boston bombings:

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That wasn’t even that funny. Are people just getting outraged for the sake of it as usual? Does that lame joke really count as promoting Islamophobia? I mean they do actually look a little alike mostly because they’re brown kids around the same age who both have rock star haircuts in those pictures. Not because they’re both terrorists. It’s harmless — nothing like ripping a Chinese dude to pieces on stage in front of millions of viewers.


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