Holland’s Got Talent Judge Cracks Racist Jokes To Contestant On TV

This Holland’s Got Talent judge is way too forthcoming with the racist jokes.

First I thought the female judge was going to be the racist one, when she said “That’s okay” after the guy only stated his name (what was that about?). But the guy to her left — Cornelis Willem Heuckeroth — is just so forthcoming with the Chinese jokes and stereotypes that it’s unbelievable. He genuinely doesn’t even realise what a dick he’s been when the other judge tells him afterwards.

Still, an extremely successful audition for Xiao Wang. He may have had his name, appearance and accent ridiculed on live TV but he did get through in the end. He was also very graceful about the whole thing but that’s probably because he knows he’s probably smarter than the three of them combined:


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