Bill Maher Cancelling ‘Cancel Culture’ Is The Best Monologue Of 2021 So Far

Well said.

I don’t know much about Bill Maher, but I do know he’s an equal opportunity piss taker, which means he doesn’t care what group or politics you belong to, he’s going to make fun of you regardless. Which is how it should be, IMO.

Well anyway, the state of the world and specifically American culture of recent years has given Maher plenty to talk about, and this week he shared a topnotch diatribe about the current climate of ‘cancelling’ or silencing people over honest mistakes, or worse still, mistakes they made many years ago:

Pretty dead on I think. When a non-white truck driver gets fired because some idiots online mistook him for a white supremacist, or when Justin Timberlake is forced to apologise for not being a perfect boyfriend when he was a teenage pop star, then you know something has gone embarrassingly wrong in the cultural zeitgeist. Those poll numbers are interesting too – so many Americans are afraid to speak their minds because of all the outrage mobs ready to pounce and misconstrue what they say, and 80% of Americans don’t enjoy this newfound political correctness to begin with.

Like he says, “when what you’re doing sounds like an Onion headline, stop.” Making people unemployable due to their political opinions or behaviours from years ago is just not conducive to a progressive society, no matter what the overly woke types will tell you. Bill Maher may not be the most likable guy on TV but he’s definitely the voice of reason on this one.

For a similar view on cancel culture from British TV legend Rowan Atkinson, click HERE. He likens it to a ‘medieval mob looking for someone to burn.’


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