Bill Gates Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorists Who Claim He Is Implanting Microchips In People

This actually makes sense.

One of the dumbest ideas that has come out of the Coronavirus situation is the one about Bill Gates pursuing a vaccine so that he can implant microchips into everyone to track their every movement, normally espoused by people via the mediums of their iPhones and social networks – which ironically already both track their every movement.

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Anyway, the clamour against Bill has become so huge that he’s once again felt the need to address the situation and discussed the allegations on ‘The Daily Show’ yesterday, saying the following:

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Usually when you work on infectious disease, like Dr. Fauci and I do, you’re kind of obscure.

Nobody talks that much about TB or malaria. So here we have this complete turnaround where vaccines, and are they good for people, are now front and centre.

There’s always been a small group of anti-vaccination people, and we see this with the measles vaccine. They’ve now got a platform, and they’ve joined forces with some political-conspiracy dudes.

And it’s so easy to click on, particularly when a simple explanation for this pandemic—that there is somebody evil behind it—is somehow easier than the true biology, which is actually kind of complicated.

So we have to make the truth more interesting. We’ve got to label things with the truth.

The truth is we’re in for a rough winter.

With the winter, when we’re colder, the virus multiplies more when we’re indoors more, so that’s not a good thing.

Then there’s a certain fatigue – some of the things people have to do, in terms of staying away from friends, that’s tougher.

Expect to see bad news for the next six to eight months, but there is light at the end of the tunnel when the vaccine kicks in.

I mean what he’s saying there makes a lot of sense, right?

It still blows my mind that people will listen to some guy they met down the pub once who begged them to add him on Instagram over people that have been working in the field for years and have the necessary qualifications on the subject matter to give you a qualified opinion. I guess the new normal is coming in all shapes and sizes though and this is just what we’re going to have to put with for the foreseeable future. Be sensible about it.

As for people ragging on Bill for doom mongering about the winter and the next six months, maybe we should just give him a break this time as everyone ragged on him before at the start of the pandemic for saying similar and he was completely right? Guy just can’t catch a break.

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