Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Says Client Is Blind, ‘Not A Meme’


That’s no excuse.

Bill Cosby’s trial is currently underway in the U.S., after more than 60 sexual assault and rape allegations were made about the TV star.

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However, rather than the trauma this man has caused many, many women over the years being the focus in court, it was in fact his eyesight that became the topic of conversation. Not sure if any of you know but Cosby is now pretty much blind and living in a hell of his own making. So there is a God.

Anyway, back to the trial. Yesterday prosecutors in court said that his vision report looks like it came from “a LensCrafters at the mall.” Cosby’s lawyers handed in a report that says he has glaucoma in both eyes and that it has become an issue as he can’t identify his victims. The fact that he doesn’t know his victims by description and name is utterly horrific.


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The prosecutors said that the report was meaningless, with Montgomery County Deputy District Attorney Robert Fallin saying:

You take a look at that report. It’s really just a print out. It looks like something you’d get walking out of a LensCrafters at the mall.

I don’t mean to slight LensCrafters. They’re great.

Burn. Meanwhile, Cosby’s defence lawyer said:

In the materials the prosecution has turned over… there are photographs.

Mr. Cosby cannot look at a photograph.

He can’t tell you what is in that picture.

Fallin more or less argued the same point that I did: that you shouldn’t need to see anything to remember what crimes you committed in the past:

There is no evidence in this case that Mr. Cosby doesn’t have the ability to recollect events. You’re taking the leap to say sight equals the inability to recollect events because you wouldn’t be able to see things that trigger memories.

Damn straight. Hopefully this flimsy excuse doesn’t delay the hearing in any way because this evil and twisted man needs to be put in jail for the short time he has left on earth. Sounds harsh, but it’s the only retribution that is left for these poor women.

Meanwhile, Trump is still not getting the just desserts he deserves for all of the sexual assault cases he has been involved in over the years. It’s looking more like he’ll be put in charge of the most powerful country in the world instead. Nice one.


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