Watch This Bikini Model Completely Humiliate Herself To Raise Money For Boob Job

Boob job

Desperate times.

Unfortunately, in the day and age we live in women feel the need to fill themselves with plastic substances in order to feel more attractive. However, as we all know, these procedures come at a high price and in some cases women have to turn to desperate measures in order to raise the funds they need.

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The model in the video below took this idea to the next level, as she decided to stand half naked in the streets and beg for the £5,000 needed to get a breast augmentation. Holding a sign that reads “model: need money for boob job,” she stands in the streets of London, much to the amusement of passersby.

As you will have figured out, the clip was actually set up as part of a prank by YouTuber DengisV, who said the money raised during the filming will be donated to breast cancer research.

Despite it all being a ruse, you could imagine something like this happening for real. It’s not the first time people have done crazy things in the name of surgery.


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