A Bikini Airline Is Going To Create Vietnam’s First Female Billionaire

Bikini Airline

That’s one way to become a billionaire.

A 45 year old entrepreneur named Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is set to become Vietnam’s first female   billionaire when she makes her company VietJet Air goes public in the next three months. She’s expected to be worth $1.37billion after this happens.

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The reason that VietJet Air has become so successful over its few years in operation – grabbing 30% of Vietnam’s airline market share – is due to one simple reason: its air hostesses all wear bikinis on the flight. They also uses steamy calendars featuring the flight attendants in bikinis to market their flights. That’s probably going to work eh?

Bikini Airline 2

Their motto is also ‘enjoy flying’. No shit a bunch of thirsty Vietnamese hound dogs are going to enjoy flying on those planes. Although many people would probably accuse Thao of being cynical, sexist and anti-feminist, she brushes aside the criticism, saying the following:

You have the right to wear anything you like, either the bikini or the traditional ao dai [traditional Vietnamese clothing.

We don’t mind people associating the airline with the bikini image. If that makes people happy, then we are happy.

Bikini Airline 3

Right. I’m sure all the girls have the ‘choice’ to wear bikinis and they all choose to do that. I’m sure there’s no pay incentive or anything there at all, right? I suppose you can’t really blame her – Thao is clearly a baller and set to be a billionaire soon so obviously knows what she’s doing and only really cares about making a buck, I suppose it’s not really her fault if she has to exploit a bunch of women to do it eh?

In fairness to her this isn’t her only source of income either so she clearly knows what she’s doing – she made her first million by at 21 by selling fax machines and latex rubber while studying finance and economics in Moscow and also has shares in three Vietnamese resorts. She’s basically crushing life, although perhaps not as hard as Dan Bilzerian or Leonardo DiCaprio.


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