Bikers Forced To Ditch Bikes After Encountering Most Random Road Block Ever

Bike Left Middle Road

You don’t see that on the road every day.

Motorbiking across Thailand is probably an absolutely wonderful experience – the weather and the landscape is undoubtedly phenomenal, it’s probably pretty cheap and you would probably meet some awesome people and have the trip of a lifetime.

However, that’s not to say that it wouldn’t have its dangers either that you would have to contend with, just like the two people in this video. One minute they’re just speeding through the jungle, the next they’re being forced to ditch their bikes as they turn a corner and literally come up against something you would probably never expect to see on the open road.

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OK, maybe there’s a possibility you might expect to see an elephant traipsing around in the wilderness when you’re in Thailand, but even over there it’s a pretty minute possibility. Even if you were expecting it, there’s no way it isn’t going to scare the shit out of you either.

I think I would have exactly the same reaction as these guys I think. Especially considering I know that people used to get executed by elephants back in the day.


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