This Thread Of People Sharing The ‘Biggest Red Flags’ They Ignored Is An Absolute Goldmine

“I don’t want to be graphic so I’ll just say she offered up more than one hole on the first date”

Maybe it’s the new year hormones kicking in, reminding us all to leave what troubles we can behind in 2020 as we strive to make wiser and just generally better decisions in 2021.

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Before the year was up, someone made a Twitter thread asking people to share the biggest red flags they ignored in a partner. With nearly 20k responses, the comments are still flying in a week later.

Here are some of the best responses:

Phew… that was nuts. In fact reading some of those made me feel a lot better about being single knowing what nut jobs and lunatics there are on the dating scene out there. There’s loads more too if you want to check them out in the original thread here.

Here’s hoping these people have learnt from their mistakes and take better heed of blatant red flags from here on.

To watch a girl go frighteningly ballistic when breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone, click HERE. Wow that’s terrifying.


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