Woman With The Biggest Boobs In Britain Can No Longer Clap

A small price to pay for those 30KKs?

34 year old Debbie Delomar is the owner of the UK”s biggest pair of boobs – but admits that she now finds it impossible to clap due to the size of her titanic knockers. Other than that though, she’s perfectly happy with the size of her norks, and admits that it has given her a new lease of life as she now works as a glamour model as opposed to the factory job she had before her first breast operation.

Debbie – from Brecon in Wales – had her first breast operation at the age of 28 – jumping from a 30DD to 30FF. She offered the following explanation of what happened afterwards:

‘It was never intentional to be the biggest in Britain, but it just sort of happened.’

‘They don’t really get in the way anymore as I have adapted to them, but the first time they did was when I was at a concert with my daughters.

‘I went to clap my hands and I realised I couldn’t anymore.’

Preposterous. Sounds like it was totally worth it. We’ll probably be seeing her in boobs and burgers soon.

Biggest Boobs In Britain



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