Meet Ace – The Biggest And Baddest Dog Bodyguard In History

Ace Dog Bodyguard

This dog is ruthless.

Over in America, there’s a canine training academy known as ‘Dark Dynasty K9s’ that specialises in training executive protection dogs for the police, celebrities and millionaires all over the world.

Currently, the best dog in their roster is Ace – a three year old pitbull that can recognise a variety of dangerous weapons such as knives and guns, and disarms threats with the minimum of hassle. He can also climb up walls and jump through car windows.

The guy in the video says that getting hit by him is like getting hit by a missile, and when you see how hard he whacks into him and then grabs him with his teeth – you’ll probably believe him. Basically Ace is one of the most badass dogs in the world, and you do not want to mess with him.

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See what I mean? Imagine standing in the middle of the street doing something and then that son of a bitch is coming for you. No thank you. Whichever millionaire/celebrity ends up with him by their side is probably never going to be hassled by a fan/stalker ever again.

I would prefer to see him go work for the police though because then he could tear some criminals/terrorists a new one,just like Diesel – another brave police dog that unfortunately lost his life yesterday during the Paris terror raids. RIP.


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