The Snow Penis From Earlier Got Removed And Replaced With An Even Bigger Snow Penis

Troll of the century.

Remember the Swedish snow dick from earlier? It was basically causing the Swedish town of Gothensburg tons of problems because everyone was too scared to get near enough to remove it because the ice underneath was dangerously thin.

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Well, eventually they figured out a way to remove the snow dick:


Unfortunately for them, a Facebook page was promptly started up demanding the snow dick be reinstated. The prankster responded with a much, much bigger snow dick:


I can’t even begin to imagine how trolled the people in this neighbourhood feel. Acting like cry babies over a snow penis and demanding it gets removed, only to get completely owned by the power of social media which was enough to convince the prankster to return and blast them with another snow dick — a bigger, badder and better one.

Sorry Gothensburg but snow dicks are hilarious —fact. Almost as funny as newspaper dicks.


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