The Best Penises Drawn On Newspapers Ever – You Will Not Believe The Detail


You might think we’re joking with a headline like that, but the level of penmanship, creativity and artistry in some of these pictures is astounding.

If you’re bored on a train and your smartphone is out of battery, you don’t have an iPod or a book and you’ve already eaten all your snacks, then the best way to kill time is probably to grab the nearest newspaper that someone has discarded and draw dicks all over it in really stupid positions because let’s face it, however old you are there’s no way that that just isn’t funny. In fact it’s one of the funniest things ever.

Unfortunately for you and me though, we’re probably not great artists and our rendition of the dick is the classic curve with a nose and a smiley at the end of it and we’re never going to feature in any best of lists like these guys. They’ve taken drawing dicks on newspapers to its zenith with their artistry, penmanship and creativity and really strived their best to come up with truly unique takes on the genre. Some of these deserve to be in galleries, but I guess showcased on Sick Chirpse will have to do.

For now.

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