‘No Neck’ Ed Tells Fiance Her Breath Stinks, She Then Calls Him Rude & Ugly (VIDEO)

The most cringe TV show of 2020 just got cringier.

We’ve shared a few clips now from ’90 Day Fiance’ – the weird reality TV show where non-American women get a K-1 visa for 90 days so they can visit their ‘fiances’ (who they have never met) and decide whether to marry them before the 90 day period is up.

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The most captivating couple thus far has been 54-year-old Ed and 23-year-old Rosemarie from the Philippines, who have provided so much cringeworthy content during their interactions together that it’s actually painful to watch.

A new clip has now surfaced where Ed tells Rosemarie that her breath is kicking, and let’s just say she doesn’t take it very well:

Brutal stuff. To be fair to Rosemarie, no one wants to be told they have bad breath on national TV, do they? At the same time though she’s said far worse about him (and to him) over the course of the show, not to mention she’s clearly taking this guy for a ride so as to secure her VISA or make some $$$ or whatever.

I think he’s fully aware of that too, but is happy to go along with it if it means he gets to shag a woman 31 years younger than him for the remainder of his life.

Which reminds me – the clip of the morning after they first had sex is must-watch TV, if you haven’t seen it:

Like I said, painful to watch. And yet I can’t get enough! No doubt we’ll be seeing plenty more from Ed & Rosemarie as they continue to cringe out the internet.

The maddest part is that Ed was actually a pretty good-looking dude in his youth. What went wrong?


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