The Big Bang Theory Finally Aired Its Last Episode Last Night

Thank God it’s over.

You might have been forgiven for thinking that Game Of Thrones was the only legendary television show that ended its tenure this week, but it turns out that you would be forgetting about the behemoth that is The Big Bang Theory.

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Somehow The Big Bang Theory has been able to grind out 12 seasons of television regurgitating the same joke about how ‘normal’ people don’t understand what nerds are saying and also eke out 52 Emmy nominations and 10 wins during its time on the air. That finally came crashing to an end last night though as E4 aired the final episode.

I’m presuming it went out with a bang. That’s probably a better joke than any that were featured on the show last night.

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Anyway, even thought there aren’t going be any more episodes produced of the show, we already have the spinoff show Young Sheldon to annoy us when we’re flicking through channels trying to find something to watch and that’s before we even think about the endless reruns that are no doubt going to plague us for years to come. Gone but not forgotten then. At least Friends was kind of funny and relatable, right?

For more of the same, check out this long essay about why The Big Bang Theory was the worst show on television. Can’t believe we wrote that seven years ago.


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