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Laptop In Iran Featured

If you install an app on your laptop that lets you locate it when it’s stolen, you’re probably gonna be pretty gutted when it turns out it’s been shipped off to Iran. But then again, you do get to see loads of pictures of the family that own it now and laugh at them, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

Laptop In Iran Featured

After not featuring any new tumblrs in what seems like forever we’re absolutely nailing it with ones this week huh? Shout out to Billy Stores and my good buddy Louis Scase from Let’s Wrestle for pointing me in the direction of this excellent new tumblr find that has actually only been online for a few hours as I’m typing this. It could be one of the best ones we’ve found yet. Go check out Let’s Wrestle if you get a spare minute, or check out this awesome photoblog I did of a tour I did with them a couple of years ago. Yep, some real great pictures in there.

Anyway, this tumblr is awesome and not really like anything we’ve ever come across here at Sick Chirpse. Basically, this guy called Dom got his laptop stolen a couple of months ago and the police had no leads. Bummer, dude. Fortunately for him though, he had installed this awesome app called Hidden App which meant that if he ever did lose it or it was stolen then he would be able to trace its whereabouts as soon as someone connected to the internet with it. Unfortunately for him though, nobody used the internet with his laptop for over a month.

Then one day it happened. Someone connected to the internet. Only problem was that they were in Iran so it wasn’t very likely that this Dom guy was gonna head all the way over to Iran to try and get it back – I mean it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one over here, and it would be way less dangerous and scary. I’m guessing it got sold on the black market. What it did mean though was that he got to see loads of dumb pictures of the family who are now in possession of his laptop as they go about their mundane everyday lives in Iran. And they’re predictably hilarious.

If you want to see them all then head on over to Laptop In Iran but in the meantime I’ve picked a few of the best ones and stuck them below. His commentary on the pictures is pretty good too, so it’s probably worth checking it out just for that. Not sure how much it’s gonna be updated because it only started three hours ago, so maybe swing by and see what’s happening if you’re reading this after April 11th.

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