Best Man Beats The Shit Out Of Bride, Her Mum & Sisters For Telling Groom To Go To Bed



A best man’s duties usually start with organising the bachelor party and end with a speech at the wedding, but for this man in Aberystwyth, Wales, they apparently also involved making sure the wedding party never ended.

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Tomos Rhydian Wilson, 29, was the best man at his brother Steffan’s wedding, and was so desperate to keep the party going that when his brother’s new wife and her family told the groom he should go to bed because he was too drunk, he completely flipped out.

Here’s Steffan Wilson and bride Erin Mason-George at the wedding before things went downhill soon after:

Tomos went on a drunken rampage, verbally abusing his new family before assaulting them after they tried to end Steffan’s night early by dragging him up some stairs.

Tomos ‘threw punches’ at bride Erin Mason-George and then pulled her down the stairs by her wedding dress. He also kept yelling that his brother shouldn’t have married Erin and that he was ‘no longer a Wilson’.

He also assaulted Erin’s mum and her two sisters, as well as the manager of Lampeter’s Falcondale Hotel, Matthew Jones when he came to check that everything was alright.

The whole thing was such a disaster that the couple have now ended their marriage within hours of exchanging vows, after Steffan chose to go home with his family rather than comfort his shocked wife.

A friend of the family told MailOnline:

The marriage ended there on the stairs. There was ructions and the best man ended up being arrested and the groom taken home by his dad.

They weren’t even married long enough to get a divorce, I’m told they’ve gone for an annulment.

The groom had a choice to make – either his wife or his brother and father.

When he went back with them that was it, marriage over.

Tomos was this week found guilty of five charges of assault and two charges of criminal damage at Aberystwyth Justice Centre. He was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to Erin and one of her sisters and £100 to her mother, another sister and the hotel manager.

Oh, and MailOnline reports he’s also been charged with attempted murder in an unrelated nightclub incident in Catterick, North Yorkshire. Sounds like a pretty sound fella overall.

Horrible way for any bride’s big day to turn out but I think all things considered, Erin Mason-George has dodged a bullet and saved her family a lot of bother too.

For the bride who decided to marry one of her guests at the last minute instead of the groom, click HERE. Nightmare.



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