This Is The Best Defence Against Being Choked Ever

Choke Defence

Watch this video and keep the info in the back of your mind in case you ever find yourself being choked.

I don’t often think when I wake up that I’m going to end up being choked out by the end of the day, but there’s every chance that it could happen one day of my life. Who knows, I could get attacked in the street by someone, picked out by a bouncer or maybe even compete in a UFC match.

So yeah, there’s definitely the possibility that it could happen at some point, and that goes for you reading this too. That’s why we highly recommend watching this video from Fred Mastro, which perfectly demonstrates the absolute best defence to being choked out by a massively stacked dude that we’ve ever seen. And no, it isn’t kicking them in the balls.

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OK sure, maybe Mastro took a long time to make his point by showing us the technique over and over again, but you can’t deny that it isn’t useful information. It also seems to 100% work too judging by how he rolled that buff black guy off him every time he tried to grab him.

Like I said, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get choked out today but it might happen at some point in your life so hopefully you’ll remember this for when it does. I bet this massive dude wish he knew it when a girl half his size managed to choke him out in a few seconds for example.


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