Watch 47KG Girl Choke Out 99KG Man In A Few Seconds Using One Arm

47KG Woman Chokes Out 99Kg Man

Ladies listen up about this one.

This has to be one of the most effective choke holds I’ve ever seen, almost as sweet as when this 17 year old kid choked out a 34 year old man in the street for refusing to pay for weed. Why people don’t just lock this in immediately in a UFC match is beyond me.

It’s being demonstrated by Rob Kahn at his gym in the Bronx, and its effects are pretty much instant as this puny looking girl chokes out this massive guy, who appears to have a seizure whilst the class just laughs at him afterwards. To begin with it genuinely looks like he’s faking it, but after a few seconds you kind of realise that he isn’t and he just got absolutely punked by this girl.

Unlucky man – it’s all in the shoulders.


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