Bernie Sanders Got Dominated By Topless Milk Protesters Over The Weekend (VIDEO)

Needs better security.

It’s crazy that in this day and age audience members can still get so close to politicians on stage at big events, although in this case it only resulted in some harmless titties and milk getting spilt everywhere as opposed to anyone getting stabbed to death (shout out Pawel Adamowicz).

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Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders was speaking in Carson City, Nevada, on Sunday and had just finished introducing his wife as the ‘the next first lady’ when a fan of his popped up and started ranting about the dairy industry before her topless friends rushed the stage:

Poor Bernie – didn’t know where to look. And when he did look, he was less than impressed:

Probably more pissed off at the utterly useless security personnel to be fair. Although maybe that was a deliberate lapse on their part all things considered. Still you know Donald Trump’s security people would never let anyone get that close. If Bernie wants to be President of the United States he’s got to sort out his security team ASAP.

Unfortunately for some bizarre reason the Democrats think there are better options than Bernie to run against Trump which will probably turn out to be a big mistake. I’m not sure many other Dems could go on Joe Rogan and receive the overwhelmingly positive response he did:

For the time Bernie Sanders was scared to meet rapper Killer Mike because he thought he was a real killer, click HERE. Seems they got on fine in the end though.


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