Bernie Sanders Was Scared To Meet Killer Mike Because He Thought He Was A Real Killer

These two need a reality TV show.

Following Trump’s election as President, many are ruing the fact that Bernie Sanders wasn’t in the running as the Democrat’s choice as opposed to Hillary Clinton.

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In a recent interview with GQ, when asked if there was any silver lining to Donald Trump’s win, Sanders said:

No, I would not say that there’s any silver lining in Trump’s victory.

It was the end of the piece when asked about his meeting with Killer Mike that got people chuckling though:


Classic old person mistake. Any old person who hears that your name is ‘Killer Mike’ is automatically going to assume that you’ve murdered someone. Boy was Bernie glad to discover that wasn’t the case. Clearly the only next step here is for the two of them to make a reality TV show together where they just hang out, smoke weed and talk politics.

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