A Polish Mayor Was Stabbed And Killed Whilst He Was Onstage At A Charity Event


He was a progressive LGBT advocate.

When you think of political assassinations, you usually think of someone getting shot by a sniper located in a faraway building or something, but it turns out that people are doing it the old fashioned way and just storming the stage and stabbing whoever as well.

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We’re in Gdansk, Poland for this one where mayor Pawel Adamowicz was stabbed whilst on stage at an event for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. An unnamed 27 year old man rushed the stage after getting access through a stolen media badge and ran over to Adamowicz and stabbed him the heart. A spokesperson said that he was suffering from mental health problems and was shouting about being wrongfully imprisoned by the government as he stormed the stage. 

You can watch footage of the incident below but bear in mind that the guy did die after this so it’s probably going to be somewhat upsetting for you:

Jesus. Adamowicz was rushed to hospital following the attack and spent five hours in surgery, but the doctors wee unfortunately unable to help him. Hopefully his death will at least mean something andit might help to raise awareness/change attitudes in the country, but having been over there a couple of times I’m not sure that it will. RIP. 

For more assassinations, check out this evidence proving that the recent assassination of a Russian ambassador was fake. Interesting times.


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