Belle Delphine’s Instagram Account Has Been Deleted For Breaching Nudity Guidelines

From 4.5 million followers to zero.

I had no idea who Belle Delphine was until a few weeks ago when she started selling bath water to weird gamer dudes, but it turns out that her viral fame may well be over after Instagram announced that they were shutting down her account as she breached nudity guidelines.

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One Reddit user claims that his friend Noah caused the account to be shut down, sharing the following screenshot as proof:

Seems pretty conclusive if it’s true. I mean her account has been deleted so it fits in with the timeline, that’s for sure.

Whatever the reasons for its deletion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Belle’s ‘career’ as an influencer will be over. Sure, Instagram was by far her most popular social media format, but she’s still got a YouTube account and a Twitter account with a hell of a lot of followers on it and if she’s gonna continuing doing dumb stunts like selling her own bathwater I doubt that it’s the last that we’ve heard from her. People like this always have a way of coming back, just like a bad smell.

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