Trolls Claim 50 People Got Herpes After Drinking Belle Delphine’s Bath Water

Belle Delphine

Viral in more ways than one.

Chances are you caught a load of the gamer girl saga that’s been kicking off over the past couple of weeks, involving Instagram cosplayer Belle Delphine who decided to sell her bath water to horny virgin gamer boys.

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Basically, the story went viral, she broke the internet and she’s now making a killing selling other NSFW content for a buttload of money. And that, my friends, is how you get rich online.

Belle Delphine

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Anyway, with the story trending across the globe, a number of bizarre rumours have been circulating online – some of them believable, some of them weird and some defying logic. Today we’re looking at the ones that fall into the latter camp.

When the story hit the headlines, many people wondered what exactly would someone who pays $30 for a 19-year-old’s bath water actually do with it. Well, as was shown in a number of YouTube videos, some guys drank it, others cooked with it. One even vaped it.

This led to claims that a number of her customers had contracted an STD after consuming the water.

Yes, a tweet doing the rounds alleged that Delphine is infected with herpes, leading to 50 people contracting the virus by drinking said liquid. The post received thousands of retweets and even more likes, spreading across the internet as fast as, well, herpes.

But it didn’t take long before everyone realised it was fake news, particularly since the tweet was posted by an account masquerading as the Daily Mail.

Belle Delphine tweet

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Other debunked rumours include one that said the bath water contained no human DNA and another that claimed she was selling her piss for $10,000.

To be fair, the last one is probably the most plausible – now those horny gamer boys have had a taste of her bath water, surely they’ll be looking for their next fix. Delphine, this could be your next cash cow.

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