Behold: An Invisible Umbrella That Works

Take my money.

No, I am not taking the piss here. This dude has actually invented an invisible umbrella.

Long gone are the years of being too scared to open your umbrella on a windy day just in case you get dragged down the street like a rag doll. Some Chinese dudes have invented this amazing machine, the Air Umbrella. There is no canopy, no metal spikes, just a plastic rod thing that you hold.

The secret behind this success? Air. Air streams out in multiple directions from the top of the plastic rod to create a kind of forcefield around the top of your head and repel the rain. Unbelievably fucking cool I know. Designer Chuan Wang of Air Umbrella is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. The perks include different types of air-flowing umbrellas in the line, but none of the products are scheduled to be available until the final quarter of 2015.






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