This Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Hardcore Henry Video Is Almost As Nuts As The Actual Movie

Hardcore Henry

These guys seriously went the extra mile to make this movie.

In case you haven’t heard, one of the most revolutionary movies in history is coming out today in Hardcore Henry. It’s revolutionary because it’s the first movie to be shot entirely from a first person perspective and is pretty much just a live action computer game. If you haven’t heard of it then you can check out the trailer here and get your mind blown.

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Whilst it does invite the question of just what exactly the point of making a movie that thinks it’s a computer game is, the fact is it looks absolutely breathtaking from the trailer. Whilst I was watching it though, I didn’t really think about the logistics of filming it and figured it was probably just some guy running around with a camera attached to his head.

It turns out that that was exactly what it was, but the stunts were even more insane to shoot than how they look in the movie. Some of them are detailed in the music video below for Biting Elbows’ ‘For The Kill’.

Geez. I hope this movie makes a lot of money because these guys literally risked their lives multiple times to make it. Dedication to the craft right there. To be fair though, it almost certainly is going to make a load of money.

Fun fact – the guy who shot this music video is the same guy who released the insane music video from a few years ago that actually inspired Hardcore Henry – the Russian frontman of Biting Elbows Ilya Naishuller.


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