This Idiot Has Single Handily Ruined The Entire Concept Of ‘Pizza & Beer’


Disgusting or genius? It’s hard to tell.

Everyone loves pizza right? And what goes hand-in-hand with pizza? That’s right – beer.

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However, with regards to The Vulgue Chef’s new invention, it seems to have taken that idea and shat all over it. The online chef has created what he calls the ‘pizza beer koozie’ – an insulated beer wrap made out of pepperoni pizza.

Ok, so to be fair he does make it look pretty appetising in the video. But seriously, who wants to get smelly pizza grease all over their hands while they’re trying enjoy a nice cold one? And surely their differing temperatures are going to have adverse affects on both items? By the end of the night your pizza would be cold and your beer would be warm, and no one likes a warm beer do they.

For more food combinations that should never have happened, check out the Domino’s pizza burger. It looks fucking ridiculous.


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