Domino’s Have Introduced The ‘BurgerPizza’ And It Looks Fucking Ridiculous

Burger Pizza

This is a whole new level of combining burgers and pizzas.

We’ve seen attempts to combine a burger and a pizza before on these pages with the Pizzaburger, but now Domino’s is flipping that concept completely on its head with the BurgerPizza.

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It’s essentially a pizza that behaves like a burger, with the two oven baked crusts operating as the buns with everything in between the two buns consisting of your favourite toppings. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?

Now, the bad news. As you probably saw, this of course this isn’t being offered as a menu option in the UK yet, but for some reason this is only being currently offered in Domino’s Pizza branches in India. S. Murugan Narayanaswamy, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Domino’s Pizza India, explains:

It is this Pizza Goodness that will be at the core of our marketing strategy.

We aim to address the desire for a burger through a new kind of pizza, the BurgerPizza.

Sound like a good marketing strategy – I’m definitely on board with it. However, I’m not on board with the fact that two out of the three flavours currently of the BurgerPizza on sale are currently vegetarian.

Are you serious? It doesn’t sound like these Indians are really taking advantage of this incredible new dish does it? Get it over to the UK or at least America ASAP so we can see some real carnage in between those two oven crust buns. Vegetarian? Pah.

For more easy Domino’s menu items that we’re probably never going to experience, check out the Domino’s Pizza served on a chicken base. Mmmmm.


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