Princess Beatrice Just Sliced Up Ed Sheeran’s Face With A Sword (PHOTO)


You couldn’t make it up.

In what might be one of the weirdest headlines we’ve run all year, Ed Sheeran was reportedly rushed to hospital over the weekend after Princess Beatrice sliced his face with a sword in a mock-knighting. Something tells me they were probably on the booze.

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James Blunt apparently joked that he wanted to become Sir James at a party thrown by Beatrice at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. According to reports, she obliged by picking up the sword while Blunt went down on one knee.


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However, as she went to knight him, she is said to have swung the sword back without taking notice of Ed Sheeran being behind her, and she caught him on the cheek. He was swiftly taken to hospital where he was treated for the wound. A source said:

The blade cut into his face and it was just a few inches from his right eye.

A couple of the guests said it could have been worse and he could have been blinded in the eye, but Ed really played it down.

Everyone was totally shocked and apparently Beatrice was very upset. But Ed was the perfect gentleman and told her it was just an accident.

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Apparently, Ed Sheeran being the lad that he is got his stitches and then returned to the party. I guess he took it all on the chin (or in this case, the cheek).

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